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Speaking of American medical care, the most famous is the Texas Medical Center in Houston, USA

Westing Medical  Center (WMC) is the international department with super professional  team under United General Hospital. The UGH is a famous general medical group in the United States. It is not only a multidisciplinary surgical hospital, but also a model of medical education and community service. It has four hospitals and ten specialist clinics, including medical specialists, specialists and clinicians, Cancer specialty, reproductive medine and IVF specialty technology, stem cell medicine, natural science, professional training platform, etc. in addition, there are nutrition specialists, various life support and program design professionals in the team, which complement the overall medical services. 

TMC, which is the largest medical center in the world. It gathers the world's top hospitals. It is not only the preferred place for medical treatment in the United States in  the world, including China, but also the preferred place for all doctors, professors, students of medical schools and researchers to "worship" for further study. It is the holy city of Mecca in the hearts of medical workers all over the world.

WMC is the first global health service center in Houston with a comprehensive hospital and excellent medical team. It follows the privacy and safety rules of HIPAA and seamlessly docks all-weather and transnational medical visits, which saves time, effort, heart and money for customers to the United States and achieves the desired therapeutic effect.

WMC's medical translation, professional medical personnel and professional service team in the United States will provide you with professional norms and intimate humanized services in the whole process of your medical consultation, medical treatment, legal consultation and life in the United States.

In 2018, The  Group established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai: Shanghai Westing Health Consulting Co., Ltd. and recruited domestic professional operation and service personnel to provide more convenient medical window for domestic customers to the United States.

Purpose of service

Online and offline, professional team, intimate service

Service concept

Let customers enjoy the world's most cutting-edge medical technology, from the legal protection of the legitimate rights and interests in cross-border medical process.

principles of service

Provide one-stop service, charge reasonable fees, the whole process fees are transparent.